670 The Score Bears Overcoverage: unlistenable self-promotion


How much Chicago Bears coverage is enough? Everyone in the media, including myself, is guilty of ridiculous over-coverage of the team. But 670 The Score is by far the worst offender. And a major reason they do it is to promote their sister station, WBBM, which broadcasts the team’s games on the radio.

Obviously, this is a Bears town first. Whether the team is winning or losing. The Cubs are 1b. to their 1a. when they’re in the playoffs. And Michael Jordan borrowed the city for a decade, making the Bulls come first during the ’90s. (It even helped me remember the difference between bear market and bull market, who was up in the ’90s and who was down?) The Bulls come third, and then there’s a drop off to the White Sox and Blackhawks.

So I understand how much the Bears move the needle, and the media must follow suit.

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