Senior Bowl NFL Draft Stock Report

By Paul M. Banks

You might have a story or two or 3,456 about Tim Tebow and how much he hurt his draft stock this week at the Senior Bowl. Thank you mainstream sports media for dropping the ball metaphorically speaking as bad as Tebow did literally on Saturday. So what about the other players whose stock rose and fell this week? I’ll break it down for you- Mad Money, Jim Cramer style!

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Alabama DT Terrence Cody: One to Watch Thu Night

Paul M. Banks reports on National Championship Media Day

As is typical of most national title games, there will be quite of NFL level talent on the field Thursday night when Texas takes on Alabama for the College football national championship. One of those likely first round prospects is Alabama d tackle Terrence Cody, a perfect 3-4 run stuffer with an ideal makeup for playing the nose position. Learn more about Mt. Cody, in his words as well as the words of those around him, from this week’s press conferences.

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