Green Bay Packers Blow Out Detroit Lions in Thanksgiving Turkey Bowl


No absence of storylines from the 2011 “Thanksgiving Turkey Bowl” between the Green Bay Packers an the Detroit Lions. You had:

-the Lions failing to live up to expectations/Matt Stafford throwing three picks

-Green Bay winning in dominant fashion 27-8, despite playing UGLY football for a half

-The Detroit fans getting a petition passed to prevent the crappy, overrated pop act Nickelback from playing at halftime

-Would this match-up of two potentially playoff bound NFC North teams live up to night back featuring two first place teams (San Francisco 49ers and Baltimore Ravens)

However, the real story here was Ndamukong Suh getting kicked out of the game early in the second half.

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Chicago Bears: Tapping the Biggest Market In the NFL, Los Angeles? Not So Much

Things just keep getting curiouser and curiouser in the NFL.

There have been no teams in the L.A. area since the Rams departed for St. Louis and the Raiders bolted to Oakland in 1995. For Roger Goodell and the rest of the brass, it’s imperative they locate an organization in the L.A. area to tap into that sizable market. Very sizable for televisions, ticket buyers, and merchandising.

The Chicago Bears have a tremendous tradition at Soldier Field and the Monsters of the Midway have a passionate following of die-hard fans who consistently brave the elements to support their squad. This is much like their brethren to the north at Lambeau Field. Even they wouldn’t appreciate any comparison to the Green Bay Packers.

The Chicago Bears are tapping the biggest market in the league because previous ownership has vacated the L.A. area for a substantial period of time and (obviously) there are two teams in the New York vicinity.

By Patrick Herbert

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