Illini A.D. Ron Guenther, Chicago Mayor Richard Daley Step Down Today


Today, two leaders in the Land of Lincoln’s prominent leadership positions stepped down today. We saw both abdications coming for a long while, and it’s just coincidence that both media stories happen to fall on the same day. Although, both of these men became the longest serving in the history of their respective roles and came to power around the same time.

Today, Rahm Emanuel was sworn in as the 46th mayor of Chicago, he is the hand-picked successor to Richard M. Daley, and assumes his role in an old-fashioned political  “switcheroo” as Daley’s brother, William now has Rahm’s old position- White House Chief of Staff. The post has been deemed “The Second-Most Powerful Person in Washington” due to the nature of the job.

Illinois Director of Athletics Ron Guenther announced today his retirement upon the completion of his contract on June 30. The longest-tenured athletics director in the Big Ten, Guenther leaves the position after 19 years in which Fighting Illini teams captured 34 Big Ten Championships, made a men’s basketball Final Four appearance (2005) and made six football bowl appearances (2010, 2007, 2001, 1999, 1992, 1991).

By Paul M. Banks

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