Five best bets to win the 2013 Masters

Tiger Woods green jacket

“A Tradition Unlike Any Other,” is a mere hours away and the anticipation has golf fans frothing at the mouth.

In the 2013 Masters, do you have Tiger or the field?

If you’re not quite sure who to pick, check The Sports Bank’s five best bets to win golf’s most prestigious golf tournament.

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The President’s Cup, Day 1 Results: Tiger gets Tigered by Stevie

It was a gorgeous day in Melbourne, Australia as the International and United States teams began the 9th President’s Cup.

The United States is 6-1-1 all-time in President’s Cup, but their lone defeat occurred on the same course the event is taking place this year. Royal Melbourne is widely considered one of the greatest courses in the world and is a national treasure down under, and once again it takes center stage for an international event.

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PGA Championship Preview: Can an American End the United States’ Major Drought?

Golf’s origins may have a decidedly Scottish flavor, but over the years it has mainly been an American game. Nearly all of the sports’ legends during its rise to prominence during the middle part of the 20th century were Americans, with rare exceptions like Gary Player and Seve Ballesteros bucking that trend. Toward the end of that century, a new group of foreigners, led by the likes of Lee Westwood, Colin Montgomerie, and Ernie Els took the sport by storm, but the game was still one dominated to a large extent by the red, white, and blue.

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Through the Wind and Rain: Five Things We Learned While Darren Clarke Won the Open

Jim Neveau, The Sports Bank

Of all the events in golf, there are few that can match the history and the worldwide significance that the Open Championship has. The rota of courses that the Championship uses features some of the most legendary sites in the golf world, and the wild weather that typically accompanies the playing of the Open has made it into an annual rite of passage for the world’s best players.

The Masters is about Augusta National, and the US Open is about keeping your ball in the fairway, but the Open is about being able to create golf shots from all varieties, while at the same time dealing with the discerning eyes of British golf fans and the pressure that those expectations bring with them.

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Who would EA Sports choose to replace Tiger Woods on game covers?

What an ironically sexual looking pose.

What an ironically sexual looking pose.

By Jake McCormick

I’ve just experienced a tri-fecta of Tiger Woods overload, and the funny thing is I’m not even using the Internet and I don’t have cable right now. Within the span of 15 seconds, I heard Nas rap about not judging Tiger Woods while I simultaneously typed this column and played Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2010 on my Xbox 360. [Read more…]