“Scandalous” Blackhawks Limo Party Pics You’ve Heard About

Republishing from 2010:

Chicago Blackhawks players getting drunk and silly in a limo with the young ladies. After the Patrick Kane incident this past summer, this revelation is anything about shocking. But congratulations to the Blackhawks- the previously afterthought franchise of Chicago has now arrived; into the same category as Josh Hamilton, Matt Leinart, Kyle Orton, Joe Alexander, etc.

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Chicago Blackhawks Patrick Kane Injures Wrist, Will Have Surgery

patrick kane shirtless



Looks like Chicago Blackhawks superstar Patrick Kane will have trouble lifting his drink for the next six to eight weeks.  The Blackhawks released a statement today announcing that Kane has a fractured left wrist that will require surgery to repair.  The surgery is scheduled for Tuesday, July 19.  A full recovery from the injury could take up to two months.  For more on the injury, and the full statement from the Chicago Blackhawks, click after the jump.


Bryan Vickroy

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Vancouver Cabbies receive warning about Patrick Kane’s Arrival

vancouver cabs

You knew this was coming. The Chicago Blackhawks‘ Patrick Kane inspired stories that made the sports blog rounds twice within the past year. The first time was in August when he drunkenly assaulted a cab driver over 20 cents, the second occurred in January when he appeared shirtless in a limo with very mediocre looking women during the Hawks visit to Vancouver. So you knew a return to B.C. for the playoffs would elicit something along the satirical lines, right?

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