Could Patrick Kane’s Partying be Hurting his Game, Blackhawks?

patrick kane drinking

Patrick Kane likes to go out and drink. That’s been well-documented, and not news to anyone. There are hundreds of pics of him out on the town debauching himself posted all over the internet. And that’s his choice. He’s an adult and can do whatever he wants.

But not everyone can follow the alleged lead of Mark Grace, who did his partying and supposed “slumpbusting” in Lincoln Park, the near north side etc. and still performed for the Chicago Cubs everyday.

“Kaner” is missing practice and that severely hurts his Chicago Blackhawks teammates, who are hurting themselves right now. They probably won’t make the playoffs and that means finger pointing will soon commence.

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Having a Stanley Cup should help you Pick Up

stanley cup

I know a lot of dudes who use props of some sort when they hit the bars trolling for booty. And although almost all of these props don’t usually accomplish the intended “one goal,” you have to give some of the guys I know a little credit for being creative. Besides Vancouver Goaltender Roberto Loungo has nothing on a girl who goes out on a Friday night with the sole intention of just getting guys to buy drinks for her. Good luck with your “shots” there.

But our good friends at are back with a great story about the flirting prop of all flirting props. Read on to see Kaner’s (KANER!!) hilarious comment

It’s not often a 117-year-old icon hits the club scene — but last night Lord Stanley’s Cup cruised over to Hollywood for a night of mayhem with Chicago Blackhawks star Patrick Kane.

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