NFL more Pass-happy, WR standards of greatness changing

tim brown raiders

“It’s a totally different game today than it was even five years ago,” said former Notre Dame and Oakland Raiders great Tim Brown, when I asked about the seismic shift currently occurring within the NFL.

The league is more obsessed with the forward pass than ever before. And since the major pass-first teams are consistently winning, this trend will only increase in the years ahead.

I caught up to Brown in South Bend for the 2010 College Football Hall of Fame Enshrinement Weekend. Brown himself had an interesting conversation on the topic with a fellow member of his enshrinement class; one with the same last name.

“(Former New England Patriots WR) Troy Brown and I were talking about this. How are they going to judge receivers? If they are having a hard time judging me and Cris Carter, how are they going to judge these guys who are in a 100 catch offense, and average 9 yards a catch?” Brown told me.

By Paul M. Banks

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