Packers QB, Brett Favre predecessor Blair Kiel dies at age 50


Blair Kiel, a backup quarterback for the Green Bay Packers in the early 1990s, and of the last Pack signal callers to start at the position before Brett Favre began his phenomenal streak has died. Kiel last started for the Packers in 1991. Favre took over the position from 1992-2007.

Kiel passed away Sunday in Columbus, Ind., of what Bartholomew County authorities said was a heart attack. He also had Crohn’s disease. Blair Kiel’s nephew, Gunner Kiel, is a freshman quarterback on the 2012 Notre Dame football roster, and was the nation’s top rated signal caller by most recruiting services.

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Packers Aaron Rodgers Sports Wild Wild West Cowboy Mustache

When you’re the Super Bowl MVP, I guess you can dress and monitor your facial hair in any manner that you deem fit. Yes, being top dog in the NFL, and “the man” at the most high profile position in all of sports afford you a ton of social capital. That’s the only explanation I have for Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers, and his handle bar mustache.

Take a look at the pic below

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Brett Favre Impersonator on the Loose at Green Bay Packer Practice

Brett Favre’s people claim he hasn’t been in Green Bay since the Minnesota Vikings played there last season. Even though Favre is no longer in the tiny hamlet where he made his legend with the Packers, a reasonable facsimile is. Or perhaps not such a reasonable facsimile, you can tell him apart from the ole text message slinger, but some of Green Bay’s dumber football fans cannot.

The unidentified Fake Favre has been seen in the stands at Packer practices posing for pictures with fans.

Uhm yeah, why would the real Favre be randomly sitting in the stands at practice? Don’t you think he’d have the connections with the club to be in a more secure, exclusive location?

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