NFL Labor Talks Intensifiy, but 2 Sides Still Fall Apart

NFL Lockout Fallout: Players Taking High-Risk Loans


The biggest fallout from the NFL Lockout thus far is not the opening of some sports agent Wild Wild West, where agents are prying clients from one another’s grasp at any chance they get.

If anything, that sort of atmosphere already existed and did not change much with the decertification of the NFL Players Association as a union for the players.  Instead, the biggest concern to date is the worrisome lending practices of NFL players in need, or with a strong desire, to take out loans.

These loans typically have terrible interest rates attached to them, which players will be complaining about for years to come.

A few weeks ago, Jason Schwartz of The Daily (News Corp’s new iPad magazine) contacted me because he was working on a story about how NFL players are weathering the Lockout financially and wanted to hear about my thoughts with regards to the loans being taken out by these players.

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NFL Lockout: Top 5 Impacted Parties outside the League

It’s now been a week since the Green Bay Packers won Super Bowl XLV and as soon as I emerged from my cholesterol slumber that was my Super Bowl party my attention immediately turned to two questions: Where are my pants? and outside the obvious, who else will be impacted by an NFL lockout?

On our first Sunday without football, we have to prepare for the possibility of many more football-less Sundays than usual.

By Peter Christian

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