Top 10 NBA drafts of all time

nba draft-lottery-philadelphia-76ers

With the 2014 NBA draft expected to be one of the deepest ever, it’s the perfect time to take a look at the 10 best drafts in history.

This list starts with the 1966 draft, as drafts prior to that included “Territorial Picks”. In those days, teams were allowed to forfeit their first-round pick to take a player who attended college within 50 miles of their home arena. This was in the days before national TV, back when college hoops ruled, and the league hoped that placing stars close to home would help the NBA draw crowds who wanted to see their local heroes play professionally.

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2010 NBA Draft Lottery Re-Do

John Wall

With the NBA All-Star weekend upon us, it is time for an annual tradition here at The Sports Bank; the NBA Draft Lottery Re-do.  Peter Christian and David Kay will alternate re-drafting the top fourteen picks in the 2010 NBA Draft taking into account what they know about the rookies based off their performances so far this season.  They will factor in how each team’s roster looked at the time of the draft (for example, Gilbert Arenas was still with the Wizards and not the Magic, so when the Wiz pick first, Arenas will be part of the team) and give their reasons as to why the selection would be made.  You can check out our 2011 NBA Mock Draft by clicking here.

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NBA Draft Seeing Less Foreign Prospects Picked

Darko NBA Draft

With the NBA Draft right around the corner, don’t expect to hear a lot of unknown, hard-to-pronounce, foreign names called from the podium.  The recent trend of a draft filled with international prospects is on the decline, but why?  The past failures of teams in drafting players from overseas certainly has something to do with it.

By: David Kay
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