The Milwaukee Bucks ‘Larry Sanders Show’ was brightest spot in Denver loss

Larry Sanders Show

If the Utah Jazz have a home court advantage, then the Denver Nuggets play in the Thunderdome.

The Nuggets have lost to only five teams in the Pepsi Center over the past season plus, and lead the NBA in scoring at home. Although one of those losses was to the Milwaukee Bucks on March 20, Wednesday’s results were much closer to what you would expect from a deep, explosive offense playing a defensive-minded team without their best defensive-minded inside presence. [Read more…]

Analysis of the Milwaukee Bucks loss to the Portland Trail Blazers

Andrew Bogut

Editor’s note: With the “Optimist, Pessimist, Realist” feature, I focus on one aspect of the game that deserves some hope for future success (Optimist), one that ellicits feelings of dread and negativity (Pessimist), and one thing that falls in the middle ground that is hard to argue against either way (Realist).

There wasn’t much to be celebrating from the Milwaukee Bucks90-76 loss to the Portland Trail Blazers, but that certainly doesn’t mean there weren’t some encouraging opportunities for the Bucks to break out of their early season funk. [Read more…]