Lindsey Vonn Instagram pics of her injured legs (photo)


Will Lindsey Vonn return in time for the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi? They begin in less than a year. And if you want to see how damaged her knees are take a look at the Lindsey Vonn Instagram pics of her legs after the jump. (As long as you’re not squeamish)

“My knee looks…um…not very good…. #longskirtsthissummer #ugh” she instagrammed. You can see it on her Facebook page too.

Vonn was airlifted to safety during a crash 8 days ago that caused major damage to her right knee at the Super G World Championships. Lindsey Vonn tore her anterior cruciate and medial collateral ligaments. She also fractured the tibial plateau. See the crash. (as long as you’re not faint of heart)

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Lindsey Vonn to Retire from Skiing in 2018, Get into Acting


Lindsey Vonn gave an interview to the AP that had a very big picture/major life decision them to it.

She said she plans to end her well decorated skiing career at the 2018 Winter Games before attempting to accelerate her acting career.

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Lindsey Vonn hospitalized (update): undergoing tests for severe intestinal pain


The greatest female skier of all time Lindsey Vonn has been admitted to a Vail hospital due to “severe intestinal pain” (update 1 pm cdt) that has been affecting her for the past two weeks. She is currently awaiting results of diagnostic tests.

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Lindsey Vonn wins Downhill World Cup

Lindsey Vonn won her second straight women’s world cup in the downhill today. But there’s another point to this post…how hot she is. And maybe the greater objective of improving Search Engine Optimization. (By the way, I’m currently reading a book on that topic- riveting stuff!)

But let’s just celebrate the fact that she’s ridiculously hot. Like Charissa Thompson, Jenn Brown, Erin Andrews level caliente.

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Chilean Earthquake Impacts Lindsey Vonn Training Session

As you might have heard, there was a earthquake in Chile the other day. It was the same exact magnitude as the quake in Virginia a couple weeks ago, but didn’t receive nearly a fraction of the media coverage because

It even affected the training of Lindsey Vonn.

Here’s what Lindsey Vonn tweeted:

Here’s some video of me training GS in Chile yesterday. My training has been going well except for the 5.9 earthquake


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Lindsey Vonn Struggles with Injury; Wins Sportswoman of the Year Award


American skier Lindsey Vonn is experiencing the epitome of good news, bad news today. The head injury she suffered severely held her back at the beginning of the downhill skiing season; as her season is going downhill (pun intended). On the flip side, she won an international sportswoman of the year award.

From USA Today:

Lindsey Vonn is clearly not her normal self. Perhaps more worrying, the Olympic downhill champion isn’t sure when she’ll be fully recovered from her head injury.

Attempting to defend her title, Vonn finished a dismal seventh in the super-G that opened the world championships Tuesday, crossing 0.84 seconds behind Austrian winner Elisabeth Goergl.

Vonn lost time at each checkpoint and became increasingly shaky as she went down. On the bottom half of the icy and shady Kandahar course, the American was uncharacteristically wild and struggled simply to maintain her line.

Lindsey Vonn is Golden!

American skier Lindsey Vonn won gold in women’s downhill today. So much for the injury! The best part of this development? We get to publish more pictures of Lindsey Vonn and that augments this site’s SEO.

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Vancouver Olympics: Week 2 Fast Forward

By: Melissa S. Wollering

As the Midwest’s premiere sports website, we are breaking down everything Olympics—from uber good to muy mal.  Yesterday, we brought you the Week 1 Rewind.  Today, it’s the Week 2 Fast Forward from Vancouver!

Day 6, February 17: Team USA Women’s Curling is on USA around lunchtime.  We take on Germany, ja, ja!! Kikkan Randall, the most successful woman in Crosscountry ski history for the U.S. has qualies on NBC in the afternoon. Qualies is short for Qualifiers.  LOVE IT when the Aussies say it.

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Lots of Big 10 Representation in Vancouver Olympics

Lindsey Vonn, the Olympian dominating the Twittersphere right now, is not a Big Ten alum, or student. However, here’s an impressive list of athletes competing in Vancouver who are.

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