Chicago Bears 30, Atlanta Falcons 12: Rapid Reaction

This day had a very 2001 feel to it. Not just because this Sunday marked the 10th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks, and it means lots of red, white, and blue football equipment on display, but because it was reminiscent of the Chicago Bears 2001 NFC Central Division title campaign.

-Granted that team was more fluky, smoke-and-mirrors, wing-and-a-prayer, and this team has a lot more talent and substance. But both Bears teams won with defensive touchdowns.

-Brian Urlacher always seems to play special versus Atlanta. Today he had 7 tackles, an INT which set up the first touchdown, and a fumble recovery for a TD. Remember his big returns for TDs in the 2001 early season game at Atlanta? That was the contest which announced to the NFL that the Bears had a great defense and were going to win games that season with touchdowns on D.

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