Massive Snow Storm Puts Penn State’s Visit to the Illini in Question


As you might have heard, the city of Chicago and the state of Illinois will be transformed into the Ice system of Hoth the next two days. And it’s throwing a massive crimp into the plans of the college basketball game between the Illini and Penn State. According to the PSU SID:

Due to a large winter storm that began hitting the Midwest on Monday, Penn State’s flight to Champaign was unable to land in Champaign or nearby Indianapolis and was diverted to Evansville, Ind. late Monday night. The Nittany Lions stayed the night there and will attempt to bus the three hours north to Champaign in the morning.

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UPDATE: Notre Dame-St. John’s Game Will Be Played Despite Winter Storm

Have you ever been driving on the Indiana Toll Road when a heavy band of lake effect snow hits you? When you’re driving along at over 60+ mph and then within minutes your total visibility gets reduced to nothing. It’s enough to make you feel it’s time to get your affairs in order.

Yes, Mother nature can be a fickle bitch as it’ll be nice, sunny and clear (but of course cold) on the western shore of Lake Michigan where our fair city resides, but a hellish landscape (remember in Dante’s Inferno, the last concentric circle of hell is not fire, but Lucifer trapped in ice) in southwest Michigan and northwest Indiana.

This particular blizzard, is even keeping the referee from making his appointed rounds for tonight’s college basketball game between the Notre Dame Fighting Irish and St. John’s Red Storm.

And that’s a shame because Steve Lavin isn’t visiting DePaul this year. It’s his one visit to the Chicago area.

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