Should a Marijuana Arrest Affect NBA Draft Stock? Washington St.’s Klay Thompson

Marijuana is not a Performance Enhancing Drug.

Unless the performance you want to enhance is consumption of Doritos and watching of “Harold and Kumar” movies.

That said, does the marijuana arrest of Klay Thompson actually have any relevance in determining his NBA Draft stock? Is this a character concern, or just a college kid doing what college kids do? It may not be long until even the U.S. joins Canada in making weed semi de-criminalized.

And Thompson is a a 6-6 185 pound guard, left Washington State after his junior year. He’s from the Pacific Northwest, which is so gloomy dude; but also a place where everyone truly appreciates nature broham.

A Pullman police officer stopped Thompson in March for a reported headlight out and smelled the odor of marijuana in the car. Thompson denied having the drug, and after a search warrant was obtained, the vehicle was impounded and 1.95 grams of marijuana was found.

Still, I’m not ready to deem him basketball Tim Lincecum. Even if his FG% his freshman year was .421 (just one number off! LOL)

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99 in 99: #47 Washington State Cougars

Washington State basketball

A sign that the Pac-10 will have another down year this season… Washington State is the third ranked team from the conference but only comes in at #47 in The Sports Bank’s “99 in 99” which runs down the 72 power conference college basketball teams and top 27 mid-majors in reverse power ranking order.  Click here if you missed teams #48-#99.

By: David Kay
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