Chorizo Offers Five Tips for Milwaukee Brewers on Cinco De Mayo

Chorizo Racing Sausage

A re-post from 2010 in honor of chorizo, Taco Tuesday and Cinco de Mayo

By: Melissa S. Wollering

This past week, the Klements’ Racing Sausages made Forbes List of America’s Favorite Mascots. Anyone who knows the loveable seven-foot meat products, knows they are always invited to a tailgate and were even invited to be on SportsCenter commercials.

However, the newest addition to the pack, created a few years back, is the Chorizo. He may be the least aerodynamic on account of his grande sombrero, but he is staying in the race, tied with the Hot Dog for the most won so far at Miller Park this season.  On this Cinco de Mayo, he also has a few words of wisdom for the Milwaukee Brewers. [Read more…]

Casey McGehee’s Knee Could Have Cost Him Stellar Season

Casey McGehee
Casey McGehee doesn’t mind having 26 RBIs on the month as of Friday. It’s the most in the majors in August and is several shy of a few club hitting records, namely Gorman Thomas (32 in 1979) and Cecil Cooper (32 in 1980). It’s also an impressive number considering that at this time last year, McGehee was just trying to keep his knee serviceable.  

“There were days that even just running out to my position before the game wasn’t fun,” McGehee said.

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Chris Capuano: Comeback Kid?

Chris Capuano

Earlier this week, Manny Parra was ushered out of the starting rotation.  That paved a path for Milwaukee Brewers’ Chris Capuano, who starts Saturday against Pittsburgh.

“When I step onto the mound tomorrow, it will be a feeling of freedom,” said Capuano. “It’s a feeling of release. I can get let go. That’s truly the time you can enjoy the fruits of your labor.”

Three years of intense labor, to be exact. After rehabbing from not one, but two Tommy John’s surgeries, Capuano was placed in relief duty, making 15 relief appearances this season and going 1-2 with an ERA of 3.54. While the bullpen work has prepared the lefty for longer stretches, nothing is sweeter than getting back to the starting spot he has been eyeing all along.

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Yovani Gallardo’s South Side Scare

Yovani Gallardo

I grew up less than four miles from the spot Milwaukee Brewers’ starting pitcher Yovani Gallardo was robbed at gunpoint overnight Thursday into Friday. I was also there when he spoke to reporters Friday afternoon and Yo was certainly a little freaked out, enough to probably avoid S. 20th and Lincoln Ave. for a few months.

Gallardo and one of the Brewers’ clubhouse attendants Alex Sanchez were robbed at gunpoint early Friday morning. According to the police report, the suspect asked for money and jewelry, which Sanchez handed over. Sanchez was then struck in the head with the butt of the suspect’s gun. Gallardo was not hurt.  

“We were just getting a bite to eat and trying to stay out of trouble,” Gallardo told reporters Friday afternoon outside the Brewers’ clubhouse. “We were just trying to go home and obviously trouble found us.”

By: Melissa S. Wollering

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Ken Macha Admits His Mancrush on Weeks

Milwaukee Brewers Manager Ken Macha says that Rickie Weeks’ approach and work ethic at the plate makes him one of his favorite players. Macha isn’t sure how to rank them all, he just knows Weeks is up there. He has even compared Rickie to baseball Hall of Famers.

“I don’t know how to rank people. It’s hard to do that,” Macha said. “I talked about [Andre] Dawson the other day because he was going to the Hall of Fame. That’s a pretty high compliment if you’re going to compare the two guys as far as their intensity.

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Brewers Say Saturday Can’t Come Soon Enough

Brewers Spring Training

Are we there yet?  Are we there yet?  Like a too-long car ride on a cross-country family vacation, the Milwaukee Brewers just want Saturday’s trade deadline to be over and done with.

“Everyone just wants to get that day over with,” said Corey Hart.  “When we’re past it, we can move forward.”

“It comes and goes.  It’s one of those things where you know business is business,” says Rickie Weeks.  “We’re on a team with talent and you want to keep that. Sometimes you can’t keep it.  Team cohesion, that’s a big part of playing every day in baseball and we want to keep that.”

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Brewers Position Players Unafraid to Pitch

joe inglett

Randy Wolf came in as a pinch hitter, Alcides Escobar used his skills in left field and George Kottaras tried out right field. That’s not even the strangest substitution in the Milwaukee Brewers lineup Tuesday night.

With Carlos Gomez and Jim Edmonds sharing duties in centerfield and Corey Hart’s hot streak, Joe Inglett has waited patiently to see playing time in the outfield this season. He had no idea he would also see some time on the mound.

“Actually, he was instructed by both myself and Rick Peterson,” said Macha.  “I keep telling people you’ve got to change speeds.  That should be an indication.”

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Live From Milwaukee: Brewers/Reds Rubber Game

Miller Park Press Box

On the final day of a three-game series with the division’s now-tied-for first-place Reds, the Milwaukee Brewers host an afternoon rubber game. The game is not televised today; which means you can tune in on your radio or follow along on

Tuesday night’s loss prevented the Crew from earning a broom trifecta—or third consecutive home sweep—after the Crew swept both the Pirates and the Nationals at Miller Park earlier this month. Today, we’ll keep you informed live from Miller Park with updates during the game @MilwBrewersBeat on Twitter as well as post-game coverage and features.

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Policing Baseball: Macha Gets Wish, Venters Suspended

Prince Fielder

Milwaukee Brewers Manager Ken Macha is really angry.  Finally.  And Major League Baseball did something about it Monday afternoon.

After Braves’ Jonny Venters threw a breaking ball over Prince Fielder’s head Saturday, he drilled Prince in the back, hard. Fielder had hit a game-tying homer in his previous at-bat. That puts the Prince at 14 plunks this season, third in all of baseball and two behind teammate Rickie Weeks, who leads all of baseball with 17.

Manager Ken Macha could be angry about a number of things going on with his Milwaukee Brewers. Regardless, Ken Macha is putting his foot down on Major League Baseball for failing to police pitchers for intentionally drilling hitters. Major League Baseball responded by suspending Venters for four games and fining him an undisclosed amount and suspending Braves’ Manager Bobby Cox for one game.

By: Melissa S. Wollering

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Brewers Show Suppan the Door, Pump Arms from AAA Pipeline

Jeff Suppan
It’s now quite clear. The Milwaukee Brewers front office is putting its confidence in younger arms. Four years and $42M later, the club releases starting pitcher Jeff Suppan in favor of some farm system hopefuls and anyone whose names begin with Chris, John, Kameron or Zach.

The Brewers organization will pay Jeff Suppan upwards of $10M not to play. That’s including a $2M buyout of a 2011 club option.  Milwaukee is paying Suppan more to go home and watch the game than pitching legend Warren Spahn reportedly earned throughout his lifetime career.

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How Thin Can the Brewers Bench Get?

Joe Inglett

Does your bench not stretch? Can we use you if you catch? Is there anyone for innings when we need you for some winnings? Are we down to just the pitchers if we made some fielding switchers? Does your bench not stretch?

Bases loaded and one down in the tenth.  Joe Inglett (coming off his own ankle problem) and Craig Counsell have been used. Jody Gerut nursing a bruised heel is passed on. Backup catcher Jonathan Lucroy is being saved in case something happens to Kotteras.

So Ken Macha turns to Randy Wolf to pinch hit. Another K is born. Fortunately, Rickie Weeks wins the game with a walk-off walk in the tenth to give the Brewers their first series win at home since the Opening Homestand against Colorado. Does your bench not stretch?

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Can the Brewers Farm System Save the Season?

John Axford

Marco Estrada, Zack Braddock, John Axford and Jonathan Lucroy.  These are not names you necessarily expected to see playing in the majors for the Milwaukee Brewers this season.

However, after a series of disappointing performances by veterans, injuries to Doug Davis, Gregg Zaun and others and no where else to turn, Doug Melvin and Ken Macha choose to raid their farm system and bring some good ol’ boys up. Will it work?

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