London 2012: Olympic soccer quarterfinals observations

After nine goals in four women’s Olympic quarterfinal matches, two of the world’s top five teams have fallen, along with host nation Great Britain.  As the remaining four teams shift focus towards Monday’s semifinals, let’s take a look back at how a marathon day of soccer shook down.

France continues to surprise

The most consistent part of France’s squad this tournament has been its inconsistency, and that didn’t change Friday morning.  After getting bombarded and conceding early [Read more…]

London 2012 Olympics: Women’s soccer quarterfinals preview

With the group stages behind us, the quarterfinals of women’s Olympic soccer kick off tomorrow featuring several intriguing matchups.  Among the eight remaining teams are six of the world’s top seven squads, as well as host-nation Great Britain, composed primarily of players from the world’s No. 9 England.  The Olympic knockout stage will also feature six of the eight 2011 World Cup quarterfinalists (counting Great Britain as England), and all four semifinalists, making the field as stacked as any in recent memory.  Here’s what to watch for as kickoff approaches. [Read more…]

College Basketball Bloggers Unite for Tsunami Relief

tsunami relief

Over the weekend, I posted a call to action to help the victims in Japan.

I implore you to watch these videos, so you can see what devastation has truly ensued. Go here and here

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PLEASE Give to Japan Earthquake Tsunami Relief Fund

We have to interrupt our regular scheduled sports and sports media programming to talk about something much more important. As you’ve no doubt heard, a natural disaster of epic proportions has occurred in Japan.

An earthquake measuring 8.9 on the richter scale set off a tsunami, and possibly caused a nuclear meltdown.

30 million people ‘may be experiencing nuclear meltdown’ 12 Mar 2011

A Japanese nuclear power plant exploded today, television footage showed, a day after a massive earthquake damaged the facility’s cooling system, as nearby residents were warned to stay indoors. Nuclear authorities had earlier warned that the Fukushima No 1 plant, located about 250km northeast of Tokyo, an urban area of 30 million people, “may be experiencing a nuclear meltdown”.

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