Most Annoying, Disgusting Cleveland Indians Fan in the World (Video)


This is someone’s mom. That’s a frightening fact. Ideally, you’d want the prime specimens of the gene pool reproducing; not the skimming from it.

You can see this Cleveland Indians fan’s daughter hiding her face in shame as the MILTPITF (mom I’d like to punch in the face) tries to rile up the crowd. At least this fan has her looks (uhm ok maybe not) to fall back on. Well, at least her looks match her personality, intelligence, class and self-awareness
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Cleveland Indians drummer sets standard for fans

Cleveland Indians Drummer Guy

John Adams has been a staple in Cleveland for longer than any player on the Indians roster. In fact, he’s been a staple longer than Progressive Field has existed in Cleveland, even before it used to be called Jacob’s Field. For decades, Adams has pounded the same drum from the left field bleachers, game in and game out. He represents the most notable, passionate fan in Major League Baseball, and all other Cleveland fans should take a cue.

On April 27, in the Indians 7-2 win over the Royals, Adams attended his 3000th game as the Tribe drummer. To put that into perspective, if he was a player, Adams would place 9th all time in career games, behind such legends as Pete Rose, Ty Cobb, and Cal Ripken Jr. In fact, in 36 years, Adams has missed just 37 games.

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