How Did Indiana Hoosiers Basketball Become This God Awful?

tom crean

Hands down, the Indiana Hoosiers are probably the worst team in the Big Ten right now. It’s very unfamiliar territory considering the storied Hoosier tradition. In all college basketball, they’re third all-time in national titles, fifth in tournament appearances, sixth in tourney wins, seventh in Final Fours, and 11th in wins.

But since Tom Crean took over, they’re a lowly 25-54 (32% winning pct.), 5-31 in the Big Ten (14% winning pct). No wonder Crean’s public persona grows more high-strung and irritated by the week.

On Sunday night they were drilled by a Northwestern team that was itself drilled by Illinois four days before that.

Yes, we knew Kelvin “Mr. Telephone Man” Sampson came from Oklahoma like a F5 tornado to ravage the pride of southern Indiana, but who knew the wreckage would be this bad?

Let’s take a closer look at the Bloomington rubble.

By Paul M. Banks

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