Wisconsin scores 83 on Hoosiers! Interesting Facts and Questions


Do the Indiana Hoosiers even try to play defense in football? Seriously, did they decide to play with less than 11 men today, how can you give up 80+ points?

Is Bill Lynch fired? Will he accuse Bret Bielema of running up the score?

How exactly can you not “run up the score” if the opposing defense is that bad?

Did Bucky’s arms fall off after doing push-ups after every point scored?

Bo Ryan’s Wisconsin Badgers college basketball team tips off tomorrow vs. Prairie View A&M, will they reach 83 points?

How many times will they do that in a game this season?

Did the Badgers look at the Illini and Wolverines putting up 132 points and say “hey we can do that too?”

These are questions, but here are some answers.

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