Illini Need to Play Loose (And Wiffleball) to Advance On

ready for the dance illini

What did Yogi Berra once say about half of the game being 90% mental, or something thereabouts? For the Illini Fighting Illini to make a long run in March this college basketball season, it’s all about getting/keeping their head right.

And that means playing free and loose. Which means playing some wiffleball?

“I think the biggest key to tonight’s win was wiffleball last night. We played wiffleball last night instead of doing the scouting report…what the heck, we’ll try anything,” Illini Coach Bruce Weber said following their win over the Iowa Hawkeyes.
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You Can Possibly Spell Fighting Illini with NIT Still

By Paul M. Banks and Paul Schmidt

Never bet against red on Valentine’s Day. The scarlet clad Ohio State Buckeyes 72-53 dominance of Illinois on February 14th was both shocking and disturbing. Like finding out your fiance once appeared in an early “Girls Gone Wild” video. It dramatically alters both your expectations and your beliefs.

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