Ryan Dempster’s Harry Caray Impersonation (Video)


Chicago Cubs pitcher Ryan Dempster is probably the Darrell Hammond of Major League Baseball. No one can do impersonations like Dempster. Most athletes struggle to even get a half-way decent soundbite out that isn’t one of these dumb-you-down platitudes: “it is what it is,” “we’re just focused on ourselves,” “i’m just happy to be here, and I’m working hard,” “we don’t look ahead, it’s a one game season,” (alright I’ll stop before you throw up)

But Dempster is witty and funny and can even mimic others, including legendary announcer Harry Caray.

watch below:

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Ron Santo, the Chicago Cub, forever


A shout, a moan, a cheer and a heel-click all help explain why Cubs fans fell in love with Ron Santo.

People of all ages, be it 7 or 87, love and admire Ronnie. Everyone appreciates him in their respective ways because he was a part of this team for 50 years in different capacities.

Ernie Banks might be known as Mr. Cub, but Ron Santo was the franchise. He was the figurative heart and soul.

Cubs’ fans have never connected with a ballplayer the way they did with Ronnie. His histrionics in the booth emulated what was going on in millions of households around Chicago and the millions more around the country watching WGN.

By: Brian McCabe

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