Crying Female Packers Fan Takes Playoff Loss Hard (Video)


Meet Green Bay Packers fan Casey Lewis. The stunning upset loss to the New York Giants last Sunday made her rather emotional. This video is a very good cautionary tale for and about cheeseheads everywhere.

Casey seems to believe in a lot of the same superstitions as other sports fans. That what jersey you wear actually makes a difference, whether or not you paint sparkes in your fingernails (yeah, this is always an agonizing decision for me on game day) affects the outcome of the game.

My favorite part of the video though is when Lewis mocks/imitates her friend through her tears.

More importantly, at least she didn’t go violent after the loss, like this Cheesehead woman did.

Enjoy the vid after the jump; Miss Wisconsin/America Laura Kaeppler hitting on Aaron Rodgers this is not.

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