ESPN’s Facebook page declares Miami Heat game 5 winner (oops!)


Remember when Derrick Rose got injured in game one of the NBA playoffs first round and NBC Miami tweeted that he tore his ACL? Bulls fans and Chicago media ripped NBC Miami for jumping the gun on something totally false…that proved to be totally true. Well, this is kind of like that, a social media endeavor that’s a little trigger happy- except this time the joke is on the Miami Heat!

Whoever is running the NBA on ESPN facebook page featured pics of the Miami Heat and the saying “1 Win From The Finals,” with over one minute left and the game extremely close.   The post was deleted shortly after, but we are lucky that Peter Kim of ‘The No Look Pass’ nabbed a quick screen grab.

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Miami Heat lose, but ‘Good Job, Good Effort’ going viral (video)


The Miami Heat lost a critical game 5 at home tonight to the Boston Celtics, and with it quite possibly the NBA Eastern Conference Finals. But despite being one game from elimination, they won the heart of a fan who sounds like a young boy. That would be the “good job, good effort!” kid that you can hear so prominently in the vid after the jump.

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