Model Nana Gouvea offends entire internet with Sandy wreckage photo shoot


Of all the cheap and disgusting ways to get noticed and obtain publicity, this has got to be one of the lowest. Truly tasteless, crude and offensive- that’s been the reaction from social media, and I concur. Former Brazilian Playboy model Nana Gouvea decided to do a photo shoot in the midst of post Hurricane Sandy wreckage.

Because what else can turn someone on and inspire glamor like post tropical storm devastation. Seriously, this is beyond strange, pathetic and revolting. This is the worst idea since “The Decision.”

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Superstorm Sandy claims Brooklyn Nets-New York Knicks game

brooklyn nets logo

It looks like Superstorm Sandy, hurricane Sandy, or post tropical cyclone Sandy whichever designation it has now, has claimed another sporting event. Here’s a tweet from @richsandomir from the New York Times:

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