Reader mail: Lizzy Seeberg and Notre Dame Football


With Notre Dame playing in the BCS Championship game, the  spotlight is brighter than ever on ND football. And with that limelight brings more scrutiny, especially on the Federal case of Lizzy Seeberg, a young woman who killed herself after allegedly being sexually assaulted by an Irish football player, and allegedly threatened by another.

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Notre Dame Football and the Federal Case of Lizzy Seeberg’s Death


In 2010 Notre Dame dealt with off the field concerns that were much bigger issues than just the gridiron; huge issues and topics that make football look very insignificant by comparison. Two very young people lost their lives in incidents connected to the program. The Declan Sullivan tragedy . And then there’s the Lizzy Seeberg case, which the state of Indiana closed. The next day, the Feds re-opened the case.

The incident allegedly occurred on September 1st 2010. The alleged assault victim, Elizabeth “Lizzy” Seeberg of Northbrook, IL was diagnosed with clinical depression and possibly committed suicide nine days later. (The overdose on anti-depressants was ruled a suicide) Seeberg’s alleged sexual assailant is currently on the Notre Dame football team.

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State Prosecutor Looking at Notre Dame Sexual Assault Case

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2010 has certainly seen a lot of negative publicity for the most storied program in all of college football. Today, veen more bad news relating to the Notre Dame football program.

According to Chicago Breaking

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