Dave Matthews Band to play 2 shows at Wrigley, I must flee the Neighborhood


Frat boys unite! You have nothing to lose but your sobriety; and maybe your pants.

When Jimmy Buffett elected to play a couple concerts at Wrigley Field a couple years ago, I thought “wow, makes perfect sense from a marketing standpoint- a musician who has won zero awards, but still sells A TON of records on the concept of a “Margaritaville” state of mind, teaming up with the Chicago Cubs who make a boatload of money, but have won nothing the past 65 years.

Perfect! And the Cubs also sell the idea of “Margaritaville,” to the idiots willing to pay $70 a pop for bleacher tickets- the passes with the worst views in the whole stadium and no seat back. What a perfect marriage.

Then this was announced today:

In the midst of an extensive summer tour with sold-out dates across the country, Dave Matthews Band announced two very special concerts will be added to the 2010 tour schedule– Friday, September 17th and Saturday, September 18th at Wrigley Field.

By Paul M. Banks

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