Irrationally Overrated MLB Players: Detroit Tigers Brandon Inge

The reason for overrating these MLB players could be one of the following: a prolonged term of service, being a crucial part of a championship team, or for doing one thing exceptionally well.

H. Jose Bosch tells us what’s up:

It’s gotta be Brandon Inge for the Detroit Tigers. He is LOVED by the fans and yet only four players IN THE HISTORY OF THE GAME have had more plate appearances and a lower career BA than Inge. It’s painful to watch him. He’s batting.184. Let me say that again….1-8-4. Do you know how hard a legitimate Major League Baseball player has to try to his that low? His slugging is .251. That number shouldn’t even exist.

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Detroit Tigers Reach the Top of the American League Central

The Detroit Tigers are a game behind the Cleveland Indians in the loss column, but tied for the AL Central lead. The momentum for the Tigers has been phenomenal lately. The Tigers and the Indians are the only two teams in the division that have won over half their games, but the Minnesota Twins and the Chicago White Sox are also approaching their potential lately.

The Kansas City Royals are and will continue to be an afterthought.

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