Calvin Johnson, Armando Galaragga: Detroit Sports Fans get SHAFTED Again

The start of the NFL season looked extremely promising for fans of the Detroit Lions near the conclusion of their game against the Chicago Bears on Sunday. Calvin Johnson appeared to have made a tremendous catch in the corner of the end zone. Upon further review, officials at the game negated the outstanding play because players must maintain control of the ball for the entire process of the catch. I must have been watching different games then for the past twenty-five years because I cannot begin to count how many times players have bobbled the ball and come down with possession when they eventually maintained control.

Lions head coach Jim Schwartz must be livid at this call, but he was able to maintain composure in his postgame press conference. This is a smart decision because he’s able to now retain his entire salary for coaching this week’s game; Because he successfully avoided the fine that would come from criticizing the incompetence of the officiating.

By Patrick Herbert

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