Wrigley Field Epic Fail Health Inspection; Black Slime Grows in Ice Machine

I remember when I was a kid, my Aunt, the one who always took to me to the White Sox games I earned (By earned, I mean free and later half price ticket vouchers were distributed to southwest suburban schools to kids who had straight As and/or perfect attendance. Since I used to routinely fake being sick in order to stay home and watch 1980s game shows, you know I got the rewards for my grades) told me something disturbing: that the vendors at Old Comiskey Park would take hot dogs and pizzas that fell on the disgusting ground and sell them.

At the time, it seemed like such a haunting truth. Then as an adult I learn about how even the healthiest of somehow consume mass quantities of bugs and excrement through our food each year.

Yet still what we learned today about the Chicago Cubs and their concession stands, is a new level of disturbing.

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