Craig James polling at just 3% in Texas Senate Primary!


Today is election day in the Texas Senate primary and the prospects for former ESPN analyst/bane of Mike Leach existence Craig James don’t look too promising.

Yesterday, Craig James was polling almost as popular as  “Undecided” and better than  “Other.” James was receiving 3% in the polls; which is less than the 4.5% margin of error. Therefore, James could actually be receiving a negative 1.5% of the vote. Theoretically.

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College Football 77 in 77: #53 SMU Mustangs

Everything the SMU Mustangs do as a college football program is part of a greater/larger story; and a very compelling tale at that. “Pony Excess” seems to be the new consensus favorite in the ESPN 30 for 30 series. And it was a really kick-as documentary; it tells the story of SMU’s history, their “everything’s bigger in Texas” style corruption during the 1980s, and the unprecedented NCAA death penalty that followed.

(Ohio State Buckeyes fans, pay attention to that!)

It also highlighted the SMU sanctions, and the prodigious losing that followed. (which no doubt served as the inspiration for the Texas State Armadillos in the early ’90s classic film “Necessary Roughness.” But Pony Excess ends with the inspirational story of June Jones reviving the program and getting the Pony Express another long-awaited bowl win. The Mustangs lost the C-USA title game and their bowl game last year, but in 2011 the pieces are in place to keep moving forward.

With eight starters returning on each side of the ball, it’s time to go up another notch.

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