Patrick Kane Cinco de Mayo, Univ. of Wisconsin photos

patrick kane

The Chicago Blackhawks Patrick Kane is at it again. Or more likely, he’s been at it, but this time he’s been shutterbugged and published.  This is courtesy of Terez Owens. We have some fun pics for you. From the Terez Owens “tipster” comes this:

“I go to the University of Wisconsin-Madison and we had our biggest party of the spring this weekend called ‘Mifflin.’ Patrick Kane was here and was the drunkest person in Madison all day Saturday.

“Here is a pic of him passed out at our best bar, the Kollege Klub.”

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Blackhawks cut off Patrick Kane access; Kaner on his way out?


Is Patrick Kane on his way out of town? Are the Chicago Blackhawks sick of his antics? The team is not answering any media requests at all regarding Kaner’s allegedly getting drunk, passing out at a bar, choking a woman, and hurling anti-Semitic slurs while getting kicked out of a party at the University of Wisconsin.

The Hawks aren’t even bothering to do damage control or enact the spin machine on this one. They won’t even allow “Kaner” to talk to the Chicago Tribune, let alone any other media outlets. Taking it further, they won’t even allow anyone from the team to even discuss Kane.

Does this mean it’s the end of the Kane era in Chicago?

The Trib’s Steve Rosenbloom believes so. He also believes the silence means the Hawks regard the 23-year-old NHL superstar as guilty of what multiple people accuse him of doing.

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