#73 Kansas Jayhawks: College Football 77 in 77


New regimes take time, so maybe the Kansas Jayhawks 2012 will be more of just a build towards 2013? Can’t be worse than the 2-10, 0-8 in conference 2011 campaign?

Charlie Weis comes in to take over the college football program, and you know what that means? Weis, front butt and all sandwiches Turner Gill with Mark Mangino as the last three KU coaches. When you have one normal sized guy sandwiched between two 400-pounders, it’s not really a sandwich it’s more like that disgusting artery clogging monstrosity they serve at the Indiana state fair: a pound of hamburger meat stuck between two grilled cheeses for bread and macaroni and cheese.

You had a heart attack just reading about it, and I’m guessing the sandwich must be a staple of the Mangino-Weis diet. And oh yeah, don’t expect KU to be very good at football this year.

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New Kansas Coach: Charlie Weis and his pooch are back baby!!


He is back. The pooch and his schematic advantage will once again be the top dog while trolling, or more accurately, standing on the sideline.

The Kansas University Jayhawks have tapped Charlie Weis as the man to replace Turner Gill and revitalize the football program in Lawrence.

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Notre Dame Football and Brian Kelly: How does this story end?

Notre Dame Stadium

Halfway through his second season at the pressure-packed helm of Notre Dame football, Brian Kelly has experienced horrible tragedy and made almost every mistake imaginable.

From the death of Declan Sullivan to horrible public admission that the players he recruited were on a different level than those he inherited, Kelly has done a lot in creating the minefield he has to navigate daily.

After finishing last season with a four-game winning streak and a lopsided bowl victory over one-time-rival Miami in the Sun Bowl, a lot was expected of the 2011 Fighting Irish.

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Finally! The Irish beat the Trojans … yes, I mean ND vs. USC

notre dame

He came to Notre Dame four years ago to win and make a difference on the field. Many would argue that he never came close to his goal … until tonight.

Robert Hughes’ heart, soul and determination led the Irish to their first victory over Southern Cal in the past nine years.He was benched more than once during his career. He was in South Bend when his brother was murdered. He watched his team fall apart … year after year …

But he never gave up.

And then, when it mattered the most, he stepped up and led his beloved Irish to victory.

By: Brian McCabe

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Brian Kelly: Notre Dame’s Most Accomplished Leader since Lou Holtz?


In the storied history of Notre Dame football, with its 11 national championships, 102 winning seasons, and 466 NFL Draft picks, there are two classes of coaches. The first, and elite class includes national championship coaches (Knute Rockne, Leahy, Ara Parseghian, Dan Devine and Lou Holtz) that have gates named after them at Notre Dame Stadium. There are also statues erected of these men in Notre Dame, IN.

The second class is simply, everyone else who’s coached in South Bend. And since Holtz left in 1996, the Fighting Irish have had exactly that in Bob Davie, Tyrone Willingham and Charlie Weiss.  Enter Brian Kelly, who brings the most impressive resume since Lou Holtz to ND.

His era begins now.

When college football season begins Sept. 4th, he’ll take the first step towards joining whichever class he’ll eventually fit be categorized.

By Paul M. Banks

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The Fighting Preview: Strong Leader For Irish


“Coaching is making players do what they don’t want to do so that they can become what they want to become.” Great words once spoken by current New York Giants head coach Tom Coughlin. Based on that, it appears Notre Dame has the best man for the football sidelines in Brian Kelly. But does Kelly’s hard-nosed style of coaching mean Irish fans will see something different from the mediocrity of the past few seasons?

By Kevin Hunt

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Charlie Weis out at ND, Clausen likely gone too


By Paul M. Banks

Notre Dame has fired Head Coach Charlie Weis. The university is apparently deciding to eat his contract. Insert your own joke about Weis and eating here. At 5pm ND will hold a news conference making the firing “official”. During these last five years of Weiss coaching ND, hundreds of us sports bloggers made numerous funny, but also extremely juvenile, jokes about Weis’ weight. I am not apologizing, and I don’t think anyone else will either. Weis was so arrogant and unapologetic about his arrogance that he invited these fat-ass jokes upon himself. He was deluded into thinking he automatically had an inherent Xs and Os advantage over everyone. Ask Navy, Pitt, Connecticut and Stanford about that. Or better yet look at Weis’ 35-27 body of work. Let’s not look at his body please which is reminiscent of Grimace from McDonald’s land) Despite having (supposedly) some of the best recruiting classes in the nation, year in and year out.

Weis also made his program as inaccessible to the media as a college football team can be. He even refused to do a post game press conference after the loss to Stanford on Saturday and shut out the media following the Clausen incident from last weekend. You know that whole thing about Clausen getting drunk and getting beat up by a Notre Dame “fan” the weekend before Thanksgiving. So again, he made very few friends in the press and/or the blogosphere, and his standoffishness invited us all to point out how his body is shaped like a Christmas tree.

Junior QB Jimmy Clausen, another one of college football’s household names, is likely to leave Notre Dame as well. Except his departure be voluntary.  Clausen was seen giving his football helmet to his family following the 45-38 loss to Stanford, and is strongly expected to declare for the NFL draft.

For Weis, he supposedly has at least six offers from NFL teams to become their offensive coordinator. An assistant who none of us have ever heard of will step in for Weis for the time being. If they accept a bowl bid, sorry Charlie, but you won’t be on the sideline. The way things are going Clausen may not be there either!


So who’s the next Coach at Notre Dame? I’m going to say Bob Stoops. WGN’s David Kaplan says he has sources that indicate ND could be moving in that direction, and I trust Kap and his group of insiders, because he was the first to break the story on Clausen getting into a fight at a local bar and getting too black eyes.

Wisconsin Badgers vs. Fighting Irish?

By Melissa S. Wollering
It has been less than three months since non-academically affiliated fans of the Fighting Irish won our founder’s version of the TSB Douchebracket Regional Championship. This week, those insufferable fans are talking football as University of Wisconsin Athletic Director Barry Alvarez talks with Notre Dame’s Jack Swarbrick about the possibility of a non-conference game between the two organizations.

During a 1070 AM radio interview here in Madison, Alvarez discussed a window between 2012 and 2015 when both organizations may consider scheduling non-conference game(s). He says Notre Dame’s AD Jack Swarbrick is considering removing Purdue from their annual schedule and playing them less frequently. That could open the door for an occasional Badger/Irish duel.
UW and Notre Dame have united over the pigskin 16 times throughout the schools’ histories but haven’t played each other since 1964. Nine of the 16 games were played in Madison, Wisconsin, four in South Bend, Indiana, two in Milwaukee and one in Chicago. The Fighting Irish have had the most ‘luck’, leading the series 8-6-2.
The last time Notre Dame won a national championship was in 1988, under Lou Holtz. Ironically, Barry Alvarez was an assistant on that staff.  Less than two years later, Barry was named head coach at UW thanks to the infamous Donna Shelala and Pat Richter.

The Irish’s football program has been fighting throughout coach Charlie Weis’ first four seasons. After a combined record of 19-6 over his first two seasons, Weis went just 10-15 over the last two seasons in South Bend.
Irish fans learned to luau in the 49-21 victory over Hawaii in the Hawaii Bowl last season.  That win snapped a string of nine consecutive bowl losses. Historically, Notre Dame has the second best winning percentage in NCAA history (.736) behind Michigan (.738).
Meantime, the Wisconsin Badgers are coming off of five consecutive bowl appearances, the last two of which have been losses. UW has made 20 bowl appearances since 1952 with an overall winning percentage hovering around 56% (604-462-53).
What would the match up mean for UW’s program? Probably more national television exposure on NBC, considering the Irish have an exclusive contract with the network. UW’s Athletic Department could take advantage of increased ticket sales, not that they need them. UW has one of the highest season ticket renewal rates, certainly in the Big 10, with a 96% renewal rate for the 2009-2010 season.
Currently, King Barry likes to mandate at least 7 home games at Camp Randall.  When considering Notre Dame, Barry says he wouldn’t mind hosting 8 home games per season, which certainly has the potential to impact season records as well as non-conference and conference match ups/schedules.
Barry also returned to the discussion of expanding the Big 10 conference to encompass twelve teams.  Notre Dame has been brought up in previous conversations about this before. Alvarez says he believes it should probably be an East Coast team, in order to take advantage of what Penn State has brought to the conference.  He believes, from a media perspective, Penn State truly put the Big 10 on the map and another East Coast addition would increase Big 10 visibility on a national level.

Lastly, the idea fuels the Irish fire.  If your school has fans with no legitimate connection to you, the likelihood they will travel to a city such as Madison is quite high.  The good news: Madisonians don’t rolling out the red carpet so you can spend your money, drink on State Street, stay in our hotels and fill Camp Randall.  The bad news: just remember that your green and gold will only be small specks in our sea of cardinal and white. Plus, we have every intention of re-nominating you for next year’s TSB Douchebracket Tournament.