NBA Lockout Update: Owners and Players Still Miles Apart

The show must go on. But for how long nobody knows when it comes to the NBA lockout. The league’s draft took place as scheduled on June 23, but a work stoppage still seems a real possibility as owners and players have a wide gap that needs to be narrowed. It’s believed the owners and players are still almost $7 billion apart in their dealings over a new 10-year agreement.

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Cumulative Guide to the Upcoming NBA Lockout and Labor Dispute

Right now the hot topic amongst NBA owners, players, and fans alike is the possibility of a work stoppage come July 1, 2011, which would have a devastating impact on the league and potentially destroy what can only be called an incredible comeback from the 1998-99 NBA lockout. It is clear that the owners and NBA Players Association (“NBAPA”) are at an impasse when it comes to several critical issues which include: (1) Player salary rollbacks; (2) a hardened salary cap; and (3) the potential threat of decertification.

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NBA Lockout in 2011? Here’s your League Labor Issue Synopsis


Eventually, there’s an inconvenient truth that we all have to deal with- the very real possibility of a lost NBA season.

Last week we discussed the gloomy forecast of the NFL labor issues.

You remember the shortened season of 1999, and just how much that sucked? No one is true game shape, we had a really crappy Finals and the league hasn’t returned to what it was during the Michael Jordan era. Is it coincidence that the league started to decline the very same year the Chicago Bulls dynasty ended? Possibly, but it’s difficult to say.

Look at how the league lockouts affected the NHL. Will it happen to the world’s favorite professional basketball league? Here”s Abrar, a litigation and labor attorney at Docksquad Sports that has the answer.

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