Cedric Benson looking more Troublesome than Ricky Williams

cedric benson

When the Chicago Bears drafted Cedric Benson into the NFL, scouts couldn’t stop talking about his character issue red flags. He was often compared to another Texas running back, Ricky Williams– who similarly has been a tremendous pain in the ass to every NFL team that has employed him. But Williams just likes to smoke a little greenery, and you know hippies- they’re always mellow. “Stoned bar fights” never occur. “Drunken bar fights” are commonplace.

Cedric “the Entertainer” Benson seems to find himself getting into more violent and surly situations than Williams does. He’s had a drunk driving arrest, legal troubles making him sillier “on a boat” than T-Pain, and now this: a bar room brawl resembling an episode described in a Merle Haggard song.

Guess it’s not such a great thing he joined the Cincinnaughty Bengals. Williams seems like a guy who just wants to spread the love, Benson by contrast appears like a man who would rather a fight.

By Paul M. Banks

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