Cheerleader in a coma after accident at yacht party


Anna Leibenko, a former cheerleader for the Toronto Argonauts, a Canadian football team which is a part of the CFL, is in a coma after an accident that occurred during her European vacation last Friday.

During a month long European vacation with three friends, Anna visited Florence, where she celebrated her 24th birthday, as well as Greece. Lastly, the group hit up Croatia for Yacht Week, a traditional annual event where travelers rent yachts and explore caves, lagoons and islands of the Adriatic Sea. Anna and a group of friends were jumping off the boats at 6:00am — a 3-metre drop into the water, when she slipped and fell off of the catamaran. Anna hit her head on the stairs and landed in the water unconscious.

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Canadian Sports Anchor, Canucks Reporter Wins Lottery on Air (Video)

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Global BC TV‘s Barry Deley is about the learn just how true “mo’ toonies, mo’ problems” really is. The Vancouver sportscaster/ Canucks reporter just won a local lottery; on the air! This is somewhat of a real life version of that early years The Simpsons episode when Kent Brockman reported himself the Springfield lottery winner.

Deley gets a choice of a $2 million cash or a $2.5 million house (pronounced “hoose” in this video, you’ll love the Canadian accents and jargon in this video after the jump)

As Deley points out, he’ll still make only 20% as much as Canucks goaltender Roberto Luongo.

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