BTN fails to air Freeh press conf; claims to not be a news organization


Despite what you may think, despite how things might appear, BTN, which stands for Big Ten Network, is not a news organization. We were puzzled by why they didn’t cover the Joe Paterno firing in November, and they were harshly criticized for doing so.

Today numerous networks, including ESPN, MSNBC  and CNN, interrupted their regular programming schedule to air this morning’s press conference detailing the findings of Penn State’s internal investigation regarding the Jerry Sandusky child sex abuse scandal. However, Big Ten Network did not air investigator Louis Freeh’s press conference, instead sticking with a replay of the ’11 Ohio State-Purdue football game. The move is drawing harsh criticism on Twitter.’s Richard Deitsch wrote it is “another missed opportunity for credibility & educating viewers” for BTN.

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