Losing Teams in Bowl Games? How Frighteningly Realistic a Scenario


Did you think the idea of expanding the NCAA Tournament to 96 teams was backwards and just plain stupid? Worried about having too many mediocre teams undeservedly in the postseason? Well, it looks like that’s about to happen, this very bowl season in college football.

It’s bad enough that 6-6 teams have been getting into bowl games, and getting there by scheduling creampuffs to pad their record. But now it’s going to get even worse: we could realistically see a few 5-7 teams in the “postseason.” I told you the bowl system has WAY over-expanded, the BCS is a backwards system, and every year we don’t have a playoff system, the terrorists win.

According to the San Diego Union Tribune:

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Your chance to let the BCS know WE NEED A PLAYOFF SYSTEM


When this college football season ends, we will have more undefeated teams than ever before. And since there is no playoff system in place, it means more teams will get screwed and denied a receive a deserved chance to play for the title than ever before. Yes, we all know that the middle letter in BCS is one letter too many, because BS is what it is all about. And yes bowl season and teams getting shafted for no reason at all go together liek Paul Rudd movies and music from lame, overrated 70s rock bands, but this year it’s different. Here’s your chance to let the BCS know how evil, corrupt and driven by greed it truly is.

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Our friends at The Big Lead told the world about the new PR initiative being launched by the BCS in attempt to curb bad (and much deserved) publicity about their system. Learn more about the new websites they’ve launched and the flaks they have hired to combat the growing popular movement for a playoff system. Let them know how you feel, and maybe just maybe, a grassroots movement could grow strong enough to actually one day bring about change.