#101 Boston College Eagles: College Basketball 111 in 111

boston college cheerleaders

Boston College is coming off a rough season and will need to make some major improvements to be better than last year. You can take a look at BetQL to see if BC has a chance to hit on their college basketball over under this season

Welcome to The Sports Bank’s third annual college basketball season preview series.  Two years we looked at 99 teams in 99 days.  Last year, we were slightly more aggressive and expanded to 111 teams in 111 days and will do so again as we look ahead to the 2012-2013 season.

We will rank the 75 power conference teams and top 36 mid-majors in reverse power ranking order.  We’ll break down rosters, transfers, incoming freshmen, non-conference schedules, and pick a player to watch for each team.

With one of the youngest rosters in all of college basketball last season, the Boston College Eagles understandably struggled last season.  With eight freshmen now becoming sophomores, BC brings more experience to the floor this season but that won’t necessarily translate into more wins.

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99 in 99: #89 Boston College Eagles

Boston College basketball

You know how nobody likes Angelina on this season of the Jersey Shore and she is clearly the worst person in the house… Well, there is no Angelina in the ACC this season.  But since I am ranking the 72 power conference college basketball teams and top 27 mid-majors in reverse power ranking order, I have to pick one.  Sorry, Boston College.  In case you missed it, click here to see teams 90-99.  (For the record, The Situation would be DukeSnooki is North Carolina.)

By: David Kay
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