Celtics vs. Lakers: NBA Finals Preview


The Lakers/Celtics NBA rivalry dates all the way back to the Magic/Bird days. Kevin McHale taking down Kurt Rambis sparked the physical rivalry.

Magic’s famous hook-shot to beat the Celtics in the 1987 Finals went down as one of the greatest shots of all-time. Oh the memories…. Wait a second; I wasn’t even alive during any of this. While it may be a great storyline to talk about the historical significance of the matchup, it isn’t at all relevant. Many of the current Lakers/Celtics players weren’t around during that era and even if they were, it doesn’t have any effect on the outcome of this series. Nevertheless, the rivalry between these two teams is undeniable, and it’s more recent than you think.

by Justin Mertes-Mistretta

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Celtics Sign Rasheed Wallace


By David Kay, Walter Football.com

After watching their two toughest competitors in the Eastern Conference make major splashes in the offseason, the Celtics put the full-court press on the free agent they wanted. The C’s sent their “Boston Three Party” as well as head coach Doc Rivers to woo Piston free agent big man Rasheed Wallace. If you are a veteran on the downside of your career, how can you say “no” to playing alongside the talent in Boston and a shot at winning a ring? You can’t.

That is why Boston and free agent Rasheed Wallace have agreed to what is being reported as a 2-year deal for the mid-level exception which will pay Wallace approximately $5.8 million next season. Wallace was being pursued by some of the better teams in the NBA; Cleveland, Orlando, San Antonio. Instead, Wallace decided to go green, thrusting the Celtics right back into the title hunt.

While the 34-year-old’s production has dipped off the past few years, he will be a more than serviceable fifth option in Boston’s starting lineup alongside veteran 30-somethings Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce, Ray Allen, and the ever-improving Rajon Rando. Wallace will bring a talented inside/outside game to Beantown, and add to the experience, toughness and depth of the team.

Sure, Wallace has been known to be a major distraction in years past and can sometimes fly off the handle as demonstrated by his 296 technical fouls during his 14-year career, but pairing him up with an already established core of veterans should limit his negative impact on the team. I would imagine guys like Garnett, Pierce, and Allen will have Wallace’s respect and they should be able to keep him in line for the most part.

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