Notre Dame Does Not Need Big Ten Expansion

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The identity of the Notre Dame football program always has been one-of-a-kind. So now the question posed to university administrators, alumni, fans and athletes, “Does being independent in football weigh enough as part of our tradition?” The answer could determine how stubborn the Irish can be toward joining the Big Ten Conference — and all of college football is waiting.

By Kevin Hunt

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Big 10 to usher in Megaconference Era


It’s May and we’re talking about college football!

Yey! That never happens. And what’s breaking up the usual May malaise? Big Ten expansion, and the dominoes that will fall all around the country once it goes through.

It’s the only Big Ten topic anyone cares about right now even though the Big Ten Network is not touching it with a ten foot pole. But hey, they’re busy providing ample coverage of Big 10 conference baseball, softball and track, because the four whole people that watch that stuff need to get their fix.

–By Paul M. Banks

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The Big Ten Passes Logic Course… Maybe

big ten conference

by Peter Christian

If the rumors are true I’m on board. If, in fact, the Big Ten did make offers to Notre Dame, Rutgers, Missouri and Nebraska to leave their current conference posts to join the Big Ten, it is a brilliant idea. Yep, that’s right, brilliant. Now I know that I’ve been steadfastly adamant against Notre Dame joining the Big Ten previously, however, in this case it makes a ton of sense.

Also, I’ll admit, I was probably arguing against Notre Dame joining the conference because I tend to hate them so much. If I can come to grips with my Notre Dame hate, so can you. Especially when you consider the positives of the proposed expansion.

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Nebraska fans weigh in on Big 10 Realignment

nebraska fans

TSB Submission from Nebraska fans

So here’s what some Nebraska fans sent me: their ideas on how a new Big Ten landscape would look. I’ve noted that they seemed to be somewhat influenced by Teddy Greenstein’s Sunday Chicago Tribune piece on the topic.

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