Michigan St gets Conference Title, School Win Record, no BCS Bowl


Now that the Big Ten Conference race is settled, all three teams: the Wisconsin Badgers, Ohio State Buckeyes and Michigan State Spartans finished 11-1, 7-1 in conference. Yet due to the jumbled and twisted logic of the BCS (Beyond Common Sense) one of those teams will be denied a BCS Bowl payout, while the other two get in.

That will likely be MSU, who right now is learning just how costly their pathetic showing at Kinnick Stadium last month truly is. Getting utterly waxed by a mediocre, 7-5 Iowa Hawkeyes team will cost the first Spartans team to win the Big Ten since 1990, and the first 11 win team in school history, a BCS bid.

“On the Banks of the Red Cedar there’s a school that’s known to all, having misfortune in 2010 is their specialty, those Spartans must visit Jacksonville to bowl.”

By Paul M. Banks

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