From semi-famous to Masters Champion, the evolution of Adam Scott

evolution of Adam Scott

Believe it or not, there are two relatively famous men named Adam Scott. One is known for being married to Leslie Knope on the American comedy series, Parks and Recreation, and the other is a top-ten golfer who hails from the Land Under.

The actor Adam Scott (Ben Wyatt on Parks and Rec) even had something to say about the matter back in 2009:

“We’re both semi-famous within our little subcultures but neither one of us is a global mainstream behemoth. Overall, I’d say he’s way more famous than I am. I think the main difference between the other Adam Scott and me is that I’m the one who doesn’t give a shit about golf. I have absolutely no interest in the game whatsoever.”

No disrespect to the actor’s lack of golf knowledge, but Adam Scott the golfer just became that “global mainstream behemoth,” with the addition of a Masters Green Jacket to his wardrobe. [Read more…]