Sheets Faces Former Brewers Teammates as Oakland A

By: Melissa S. Wollering

We’re in Arizona all week, covering Cactus League play. And there’s nothing closer to feeling the prickly cacti stab of Spring Training karma, than having to play the second game of the season as Ben Sheets–against your former team.

As a major but injury-plagued contributor to the Milwaukee Brewers for many years, he sat out of the majors last year, undergoing offseason surgery in 09 to repair a torn flexor tendon in his right pitching arm. He made it no secret that he wished to head back to his beloved Texas and find a cosy spot with the Rangers (formerly Brewers) pitching coach Mike Maddux.  Texas wasn’t havin’ nun of dat.

I actually think Ben can come back and give Oakland 12-14 solid wins this season. But he’ll have to avoid his season average 2 pulled groins, 3 stomach flu episodes, 14 hangnails, 2 sprained thumbs, 3 pinky finger injuries and 8 tightness in the shoulder cop-outs. Oakland will also have to put that nasty tasting nail polish they put on girls’ fingers to force them to stop biting their nails.  Have fun with that one Oakland. [Read more…]