Offseason Grading: The Detroit Tigers

The Tigers had two things that is the recipe for success on most teams. They had a power-hitter that also hits for average in Miguel Cabrera and the team had an ace in Justin Verlander.

So, what went wrong? Why did the team finish 81-81? Is Miguel Cabrera drinking an alcoholic beverage? These are all questions that need to be addressed.

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Calvin Johnson, Armando Galaragga: Detroit Sports Fans get SHAFTED Again

The start of the NFL season looked extremely promising for fans of the Detroit Lions near the conclusion of their game against the Chicago Bears on Sunday. Calvin Johnson appeared to have made a tremendous catch in the corner of the end zone. Upon further review, officials at the game negated the outstanding play because players must maintain control of the ball for the entire process of the catch. I must have been watching different games then for the past twenty-five years because I cannot begin to count how many times players have bobbled the ball and come down with possession when they eventually maintained control.

Lions head coach Jim Schwartz must be livid at this call, but he was able to maintain composure in his postgame press conference. This is a smart decision because he’s able to now retain his entire salary for coaching this week’s game; Because he successfully avoided the fine that would come from criticizing the incompetence of the officiating.

By Patrick Herbert

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The Call Outs: MLB Umpires and Beyond

I think Leyland has a point this time, Mr. Joyce

I know it just seems like hopping on the pile now to dive into a discussion about MLB umpiring issues, instant replay and Jim Joyce but how could I leave the issue alone? I was mighty tempted to dedicate an entire column just to Jim Joyce the night that he blew the infamous call but I withheld because I wanted to keep my wits about me and not say anything that was undeserving. As it turns out, that was probably the best thing to do. The more time that has passed since Armando Galarraga’s fake perfect game the more I’ve realized that Jim Joyce shouldn’t be the target of my ire. There are other people and organizations that are much more deserving of that spite. More after the jump.

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Blown Perfect Game Call Costs Galarraga History, May Help Expansion of Instant Replay

jim joyce

We were robbed of an 80’s pop culture icon when actor Gary Coleman recently passed away. And in a blown call yesterday, which likely would’ve had Coleman saying: “Whatchu talking about Willis?” major league baseball fans were robbed of the greatest feat in baseball: The Perfect Game.

Detroit Tiger’s pitcher Armando Galarraga came within one foot (literally) of throwing the 21st perfect game in major league history, when a clearly blown call (as admitted by the umpire making it) had him settling for a one hit shut out instead.

Is umpire Jim Joyce really to blame for stealing history? Or is major league baseball to blame for ignoring the obvious?

By Soxman

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Jim Joyce Steals MLB History From Armando Galarraga, Tigers and Fans

Maybe it was never meant to be. It’s all about destiny in terms of a perfect game. So maybe, for Armando Galarraga, destiny was not in his cards on June 2nd, 2010.

Still, it was a pretty terrible call and that’s probably an understatement.

Umpire Jim Joyce inserted himself squarely and firmly into the debates of an umpire’s role in a game and about whether or not Major League Baseball should enact sweeping changes to its instant replay rules by ruling the Indians’ Jason Donald safe at first base — when he was out by a step — in what should have been the 27th out of Galarraga’s perfect game. [Read more…]