Movement for NCAA Football Playoff Gaining more Steam with Mark Cuban on Board

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In life, it’s usually a good thing to be on the side of the billionaire. If it’s possible that is. I had a billionaire call my cell phone once (for an interview piece I was doing on the Washington Wizards ownership change) and believe my that was a fun day of tweets and Facebook status updates for me.

However, billionaires are different than the rest of us; they have way more money. But they also see the sick joke that the BCS  is/has become and clamor for something better. At least in Mark Cuban’s case. The owner of the NBA’s Dallas Mavericks weighed on the biggest disgrace that plaques college football.

And what he intends to do about it.

By Paul M. Banks

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Complete Chaos: Just What the BCS Ordered!

boise state

It was a good college football Saturday for the mid-majors as Boise State and TCU both won handily.

The Hawaii Warriors were manhandled despite coming to the smurf turf with an impressive resume within the WAC. Bronco quarterback Kellen Moore hits receivers across the middle with Heisman-winning level precision.

Elsewhere, TCU’s victory over the Utah Utes was much more impressive considering that both teams were rated in the top five prior to the contest. This was the biggest sporting event in Salt Lake City since it hosted the Olympics.

Gary Patterson brought in his underappreciated squad and took care of business on the road. Both of these aforementioned games are evidence that margin of victory must be part of the equation for the BCS rankings.

By Patrick Herbert

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College Football will never have Title Games like This

bcs sucks

By Paul M. Banks

Under the current and counter-intuitive BCS system, college football will never have a title game like the instant classic we watched Monday night. There will never be a mid-major taking on a BCS conference school, and battling them down to the final second, for all the marbles.

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Your chance to let the BCS know WE NEED A PLAYOFF SYSTEM


When this college football season ends, we will have more undefeated teams than ever before. And since there is no playoff system in place, it means more teams will get screwed and denied a receive a deserved chance to play for the title than ever before. Yes, we all know that the middle letter in BCS is one letter too many, because BS is what it is all about. And yes bowl season and teams getting shafted for no reason at all go together liek Paul Rudd movies and music from lame, overrated 70s rock bands, but this year it’s different. Here’s your chance to let the BCS know how evil, corrupt and driven by greed it truly is.

Tweet at all your angst and complaints

Our friends at The Big Lead told the world about the new PR initiative being launched by the BCS in attempt to curb bad (and much deserved) publicity about their system. Learn more about the new websites they’ve launched and the flaks they have hired to combat the growing popular movement for a playoff system. Let them know how you feel, and maybe just maybe, a grassroots movement could grow strong enough to actually one day bring about change.