Chicago Cubs: BP Crosstown Cup Preview with Andre Dawson


As the city gears up for the second round of the BP Crosstown Cup, both teams are unfortunately below .500 currently. In the summer of 2011, the Chicago intra-city series will be more about bragging rights than ever for Cubs fans. As their fans know all too well, the Cubbies are buried in fifth place in the NL Central, 12 games out with a record of 32-48.

This holiday weekend gives the Cubs a chance to even the score from round one of the red line series last week, when the White Sox took two out of three at U.S. Cellular Field.

This time, the Cubs have home field advantage, but it may not be enough to make a difference versus a Sox team that has owned the NL in inter-league play.

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Catching up with Cubs, Expos Hall of Famer Andre Dawson at BP Crosstown Cup


This week marks the height of summer festival season. In most major cities across North America, prominent street fairs and concert series are being held.

In Chicago, BP featured the city’s largest baseball at the Taste of Chicago June 24th-26th. As the entire city focuses on the BP Crosstown Cup, the annual head-to-head interleague series between the Chicago Cubs and Chicago White Sox, (part two of the series takes place Fri July 1st-Sunday July 3rd) fans visited the BP Crosstown Cup Fan Zone at the Taste of Chicago and made their mark on the 13-foot baseball.

They shared one “little thing” that makes Chicago baseball special to them.

And they got to meet a Major League Baseball Hall of Famer- very few street fairs can boast of such an opportunity!

Chicago Cubs and Chicago White Sox legends, Andre “the Hawk” Dawson and Ron Kittle appeared at the BP Crosstown Cup Fan Zone.

By Paul M. Banks

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Andre Dawson’s Most Memorable Moments


Andre Dawson has long been considered one of the best players of his generation. And this weekend, the Hawk is at long last coming to roost in Cooperstown.

Dawson was voted into the Baseball Hall of Fame in his 9th year of eligibility. It’s an honor some say is coming eight years after his enshrinement should have happened. He’s one of the best ever to wear the red white and blue in two different countries, first for the Montreal Expos and later for the Chicago Cubs.

In honor of his legendary career, we here at The Sports Bank decided to take a look back at some of the most memorable moments of Dawson’s illustrious career.

By Matt Lindner

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