It’s Time For Realignment in Baseball


Major League Baseball Commissioner Bud Selig and the owners must look at divisional realignment in order to provide more fairness in the league. The NFL should be the model for all professional team sports. It has had unparalleled success over the last decade despite the tumultuous domestic economy. A good deal of that is because parity is most prevalent in Roger Goodell’s league. This should be the primary goal for league management and owners.

The new logical format would place all of the American League teams together (eradicating divisional segmentation) and doing the same with the National League. At the end of regular season play, the top four teams from each league would qualify for postseason play. Then tweak the current playoff format to make all rounds best-of-seven. This eliminates the overemphasis on the front end of a given team’s starting pitching rotation.

By Patrick Herbert

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