The Sports Bank’s LIVE NFL Draft Coverage

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Welcome to The Sports Bank’s LIVE NFL Draft Coverage of the first round of the 2010 NFL Draft. Mr. Banks (formerly known as Paul M. Banks) and Peter Christian headline your coverage of tonight’s first ever primetime draft proceedings.

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2010 NFL Mock Draft 4-22 Final Edition

2010 NFL Mock Draft Final 4-22 Round 2

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By Paul M. Banks

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With the 30th Pick the Minnesota Vikings select…

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by Peter Christian

The Vikings have a love/hate relationship with the NFL draft. Well, I guess I should say I have a love/hate relationship with the Vikings NFL Draft decisions. They’ve had their share of great 1st round picks over the years (Randy Moss, Adrian Peterson, Percy Harvin, Kevin Williams) but they’ve also had their share of disastrous blunders (Demetrius Underwood, Troy Williamson, handing in the draft card late in 2003). I’ll admit that the current front office has done a good job at identifying good prospects in the first round in the past few years but since they are in fact the Vikings, I maintain my ability to be ready for a letdown (read: Vikings entire history).

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NFL GMs: Don’t Wait for Golden Tate

golden tate
By Kevin Hunt

His name will inspire a number of sports clichés to any story describing him. But Golden Tate is anything but a cliché wide receiver.

When you look at the wide out from Notre Dame, he’s average. Tate is right in the middle in terms of height and weight. But he brings much more than a physical presence to the field.

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NFL Mock Draft 4-21

NFL Mock Draft 3-31

NFL Mock Draft 3-24

NFL Mock Draft 3-3

2010 NFL Scouting Combine Journal

By Peter Christian

The NFL Scouting Combine is one of the sporting events which truly exemplifies my dorky sports obsession. Long before the days of the NFL Network, I was always wishing I could see the drills and skills of the rookie prospects. Now, however, I don’t have to wish and clamor for that ability because for the next week, I will dedicate more than 12 hours to watching the drills live and on replay to whet my appetite for more knowledge about the players that will be drafted on April 22nd, 23rd and 24th.

New this year is the ability to watch both groups on the field with the aid of which means I am plopped in front of the TV and the computer… My wife and kids hate me right now, but I’ve got my Powerade, I’m wearing my Under Armour. I’m ready to dive into my own nerdiness.

Laugh away, I’m having the time of my life.

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NFL Mock Draft Second Round 2-16

By Paul M. Banks

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Will this NFL Draft be the Offensive Tackle Draft?

By Paul M. Banks

There are plenty of places to get 2010 NFL Draft prospect lists. But why stop at just providing a mere list? I’m giving you a prediction of where I think all of these great offensive tackles (one of this draft’s most loaded positions) will end up in the draft this April.

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